Jennifer Page

Jennifer Page
Jennifer’s has a long association with Masonic Banners.
About 40 years ago, Jennifer went on a 1 years course (3 weeks on and 3 weeks at home) at Loughborough University, to study embroidery design. (Her mother had been a great embroiderer.) After she completed the course, one of Ken's brothers was coming up to WM of a Littlehampton Lodge that didn’t have a banner and Jennifer offered to make one for him to present to the Lodge.
After that, one ting led to another, and over the years she managed to produce about 15 banners for Lodges all over the UK. It meant that Ken was always invited to the dedications. As well as Lodge banners, she also produced a Provincial Banner for South Wales, Western Division (as it was then), and she was even invited to produce a Provincial Chapter Banner for Devonshire. That was the biggest she ever did, being 5 ft. by 3 ft. I even had to make a special stretching frame, as nothing we had was big enough. That one amused both Ken and Jennifer eventually, because we were introduced to the Grand Superintendent with a full size black and white drawing that had been approved by Grand Chapter. When we got home Ken looked at the drawing and an A4 size coloured drawing, and announced that there was a mistake in the design. But he didn’t know what was wrong. At the time Ken was only a very junior Companion at the time and Jennifer’s reaction was that he must be wrong because Grand Chapter had approved the design. Nevertheless, it worried him. Obviously it played on his mind. About a week later he suddenly woke in the middle of the night and shook Jennifer. He had just realised that the 3 Sceptres were laid out with the 2nd and 3rd Principals’ Sceptres interchanged. The next morning he phoned the DC of my Chapter in Bognor and asked him if to was possible that in Devon, the 2 Principals stood on opposite sides to normal. He was a Grand Chapter Mason and he assured Ken that this couldn’t be so. Ken then copied the coloured A4 drawing we had been given and re-drew it with the 2 sceptres how he thought they should be. Ken sent these together with a very circumspect letter to the Grand Superintendent. He was so relieved to have it pointed out that Ken was invited the the pre-dedication lunch.
Jennifer has since given up embroidering banners as the eye strain was too much as she got older. Ken is just waiting now to find out what she will decide to study next. There have been a number of emails to “Granny” from our grandchildren. I think they realize that her mind is a lot younger than her years.