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Tue, 1st March 2022, 5:51pm (Mon, 3rd January 2022, 5:51pm UTC-1368)

I am a member of the TWYNHAM lodge and have heard a lot about your lodge from various members of our lodge, so I thought I would take a look at your web site, very informative and well laid out, I am sure in the very near future I will have to make a visit. Best regards to your W.M. and all your brethren.
Colin Bridgeman
S.D and communications officer

Colin Bridgeman

Sat, 9th November 2019, 12:10am (Wed, 11th September 2019, 12:10am UTC-1417)

I was so distraught at not being able to attend the last performance by the the 1717 team at Christchurch for the New Forest Lodge of Installed Masters 9665. Alas, I was stuck in hospital unable to escape...

So much planning and effort had gone into ensuring the success of the event by so many: which, as 9665 Sec I was so relieved to have such a great cover action by our brethren.
I was eager to hear “how it went”... I need not have worried ... kept up to date minute by minute.. and now some great comments and photos to commemorate the evening and the donation to the charity.
The stewards and chef’s team also attracted some very favourable comments on their performance.
Considering some last minutes logistics problems encountered it was the sheer determination of many to pull it off.
I am confidant that the huge turnout of members of NFLIM 9665 are really appreciative of the superb performance of the 1717 team who have once again provided such a enjoyable, fun and informative event.
Well done!

David G Lowe

Wed, 6th November 2019, 2:02pm (Tue, 11th June 2019, 2:02pm UTC-3553)

Nice web site Rohan!

Who maintains it?

I need to borrow him/her....

Cheers Bro.

David Lowe

Sun, 28th April 2019, 11:01am

Last night I attended Astolat Lodge 5848 Province of Surrey as the guest of a good friend and Brother,and was able to witness the "Making of A Mason Circa 1717,and what a pleasant experience it was.The Brethren who performed the demonstration did a sterling job,with a very able narrator describing what was taking place and explaining many of the differences between the ritual as performed then and now.The element of humour that was present made it all the more enjoyable.Altogether,a wonderful experience which I will remember fondly,my sincere thanks to all concerned.

W.Bro. Clive Cripps,PPGReg,Sir Francis Burdett Lodge 1503

Sat, 28th October 2017, 10:46pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-419229)

The Elizabethan Lodge 1717 Demonstration was Abso BLOOMING lutley marvellous night last night, did not leave lodge till 12.30 and all anyone was saying:

> * Best night they can remember at lodge

> * "Seen similar demo's before but that blue them all into the weed"

> * "That will take some following!!!"

> * " Wouldn't have missed it for the world"

> * "Fantastic night"

Tim Baker

Tue, 5th September 2017, 1:38pm (Tue, 9th May 2017, 12:38pm UTC-2856)

I read with great interest all the comments on my wonderful lodge.
It only makes me more proud to be a member and sadder that my circumstances do no let me attend.
It seems by reading all the comments on The Elizabethan Lodge that the standard of ritual, welcome and festive board have not declined in my long absence. Long may that continue. Ray Pearson.

Ray Pearson

Tue, 21st March 2017, 7:14pm

As a regular visitor to The Elizabethan Lodge 7262 it never fails to amaze me how superb the ceremonies are carried out, the quality and sincerity have to be seen to be believed. Last evening was to top it all when a ceremony was performed acting out an initiation from 1717, as close as possible according to records, the work and hours spent in putting it together are to be applauded, well done to all who took part, I feel privileged to have witnessed such truly excellent work and being amongst such welcoming brethren of The Elizabethan Lodge.W

Nigel Bounden

Tue, 20th December 2016, 3:26pm

"That was a very special evening. To impress Freda with the food, the entertainment and above all the beautiful set-out of the dining room is no mean feat.
The room especially looked professionally decorated and the tables better than in a hotel trying hard to gain repeat business...and Freda has repeated that this morning.
The food genuinely was the best I have had at a Masonic Christmas evening (and as good as anything that used to be produced at Chandlers Ford) and I so said to Fiona in front of all her team. Turkey that looked like turkey and tasted likewise and attractively presented, preceded by an eye-appeal seafood starter of some quality. In the Lord Bute that would have been £12.50 and more. The four others on my table who had the Christmas pudding all thought it exceptionally good and the petit-fours a lovely ending.
Southern Union Chorus were at their best and the joy on faces, especially balloted for and potential members, showed to any lady that there can be a great social life attached to their husband being a Mason and an Elizabethan."
Freemasonry is alive, well and kicking at The Elizabethan.

Ian Preece

Sat, 22nd October 2016, 1:46pm (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-410316)

I would would like to thank you and everyone for last night's ceremony for my passing, it was a night I will always remember and feel honoured and humbled not only for the work that everyone had put in but the way I was made to feel " at home " I know Tywnham is my mother lodge but feel after last night feel a very strong conection to the Elizabethian Lodge once again many thanks to you and all the breathan from last night

Fellowcraft Mason Passed by The Elizabethan Lodge for Mother Lodge

Fri, 23rd October 2015, 8:26am (Fri, 23rd October 2015, 8:26am UTC+1)

For health reasons I hope we don't have a repetition of Monday night Please

After our wonderful meeting on Monday I returned to Ringwood with WB Rick Ashton both singing along as we drove along in high spirits. Having dropped Rick home I reached home just before mid-night. I tip toed up the stairs whilst singing aloud Land of Hope and Glory. Amazingly it awoke Mia from a heavy slumber she has a bad cold as well and having to get up at 4.30 am on a school day was not amused by my vocal tones.
The neighbours obviously enjoyed my singing as they started banging on the wall. Lights came on across the road; next morning they were asking if anyone else had heard a prowling cat suffering ! I was buzzing from the evenings enjoyment and carried on singing the tunes we sang at Warren Avenue - Mia adopted a strange sleeping position with her head underneath the pillows and muttering.

Things took a turn for the worse on Tuesday as my ex friend Rick sent Mia a picture of me with the large table bowl of trifle in my hands telling Mia that The Elizabethan Lodge knowing that I loved trifle as a treat they done a special large portion just for me! Within minutes my phone was read hot something to do with my diet ! No amount of explaining that the bowl was for the table has worked. I am now on rabbit food and water for the fore seeable future. I expect that sort of remark to Mia from Brother Bessant but not Rick.
Mind you I did have more than one portion I dont think ive had trifle made from lime before it was delicious .Likewise with the rest of the meal.

Seriously though what a great evening and my sincere thanks go to our dear WM,Secretary and team especially Brother Malcolm P who works so hard that we can enjoy evenings like Monday. A most memorable time must have been had by everyone present. Myself and Rick certainly did. As for Mia she will see you all at Christmas with a slimmer IPM / Charity Steward by her side.

Regards & best wishes


Malcolm Elvy (Charity Steward)