Visits to other Lodges

14th September Cerdic Lodge - Knowle Road

The WM, pictured below with the WM of Cerdic Lodge, had a wonderful evening celebrating the 600th mtg of the Lodge. There was no ceremony, as such, however members of the lodge delivered an excellent lecture entitled ' A Collection of First Degree Miscellany' which gave the Brethern some interesting information regarding the first step in Freemasonry.

* Apologies - the WM is, now aware, that The "The collars of the Officers of a private Lodge are to be worn only in their own Lodges, or when representing their Lodges as Masters or Wardens in the Grand Lodge or in their Provincial or District Grand Lodges, or on any special occasion when ordered by the Grand Master".

 2017 Cerdic Lodge Visit.jpg


6th July Hengist Lodge - Knowle Road

The WM had a very enjoyable visit to the Hengist Lodge where he witnessed an excellent first degree ceremony. The WM initiated a long standing friend and was ably assisted by two of his sons who are the SW and IG of the lodge. It was a delightful evening as the lodge played host to a number of the masonic holiday makers who were staying in Bournemouth.