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Thu, 23rd May 2019

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1717 Meet Lifelites in New Milton

 Some members of the 1717 demonstration team met Simone Enefer-Doy from Lifelites and presented her with another cheque in support of the wonderful work they do to help children with life limiting conditions.  This cheque took the total that this wonderful demonstration team has generated over the last two years to £7,000.  In total 17 Lodges have donated this total amount and we thank everyone of them.  Most important The Elizabethan Lodge is verythankful to all of the members of the 1717 demonstration team.

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Thu, 25th April 2019

New News Item

1717 team were back in Surrey at Astolat Lodge in the impressive Guidlford Masonic Centre.  The team again delighted the 51 members and guests present.   The amazing very filling 4 course festive board was friendly and lively especially when the WM walked in in appropriate clothing for the period of the demonstration.  As always everyone demonstrated the generous nature of masons by  raising lots of money for Teddies For Loving Care. The reaction both during and since the event has been very encouring to the 1717 team, and we thank Astolat Lodge for their generosity and hospitality.
'Last night I attended Astolat Lodge 5848 Province of Surrey as the guest of a good friend and Brother,and was able to witness the "Making of A Mason Circa 1717,and what a pleasant experience it was.The Brethren who performed the demonstration did a sterling job,with a very able narrator describing what was taking place and explaining many of the differences between the ritual as performed then and now.The element of humour that was present made it all the more enjoyable.Altogether,a wonderful experience which I will remember fondly,my sincere thanks to all concerned.'
W.Bro. Clive Cripps,PPGReg,Sir Francis Burdett Lodge 1503
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Mon, 15th April 2019

Installation of the 66th Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Mark James Eaton, the 66th Worshipful Master was Installed in the chair of The Elizabethan Lodge.  The ceremony was conducted with precision and efficiency by the outgoing Master W. Bro. David Mitchell. The WM  appointed and invested his officers for the ensuing year.  The stars of the evening were the four brethren who explained the Working Tools, yes four, this included the presentation of the Working Tools of an Installed Master presented by the Treasurer. The Masters song was impeccably sung by one of the Lodges junior Brethren.

The other highlight was the demonstration of sumo wrestling which the IM gave when trying to put on the new WM's apron. This was due to the shortness of the IM arms and nothing else.

2019 April Installation.JPG

Fri, 22nd March 2019

1717 Team visit Lodge Shirley Hills Lodge

1717 team travelled to the Provincial Grand Master for Surrey's own Lodge Shirley Hills Lodge No 7369 in Croydon.  Despite the Lodge only having a total of 17 members, a total of 56 were present from all round the Province including the Assistant Provincial Grand Master to celebrate this remarkable demonstration.  This amazing team delighted those present, and gave informative information, which the Provincial Grand Master described as enlightening.  The festive board was as friendly as ever and lots of money was raised for Teddies For Loving Care. Despite taking a whole Thursday out, arriving back home early Friday morning, were still looking forward to delighting future crowds with this unique demonstration of an Initiation Circa 1717 to raise money for good causes.

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Mon, 18th March 2019

Third Degree Ceremony report

The Lodge held a third degree ceremony. The candidate answered his questions accurately and with confidence. The DC presented a beautiful explanation of the Traditional History with the WM conducting the rest of the ceremony. The IPM came into his own when the WM stumbled upon his last two words in the ceremony, the situation was rescued by the IPM when he uttered the words 'the lodge'. At the Festive Board the Brethren enjoyed a wondeful roast beef dinner. The ability of the WM to win any prize in the raffle was marred by the fact that one of the Stewards put the counterfoil of his tickets in the draw barrell.

Fri, 15th March 2019

1717 Entertain Lodge of Chivalry at 40 Steps

1717 team travelled to 40 Steps in Southampton to demonstrate an Initiation Circa 1717.  Despite the Lodge only having a total of limited members, a total of 60 were present from all round the are and were delighted by the Demonstration, which sparked lots of questions as the brethren embraced what they had seen and wanted more information about the formation of our current ritual and its history.  The 1717 team also demonstrated the 1717 version of the chain at the festive board which again delighted all present.  It is customary when brethren have a very informative, well executed meeting combined with entertainment and some humour they are encouraged to be generous with their donations.  This was again proved as not only did the brethren kindly purchase lots of raffle tickets, they also donated generously in the temple which the members very kindly donated to the 1717 charity Teddies for Loving Care.

Tue, 5th March 2019

Game On!!

Bullseye image.png

One of our Lodge members, who is the VO at Highcliffe Lodge, has thrown down a challenge to them on behalf of The Elizabethan Lodge. We initially thought it was a DANCE competition which we were confident of winning as our JW and his wife strutted their stuff to 'Brown Sugar' at our Ladies Night last year.............. We were then correctly advised that it was a DARTS competition......... what this space!!.

Sat, 2nd March 2019

2019 Provincial Honorurs

Role of Honour of Members receiving Appointments of Promotion at the AGM in July


Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies: W.Bro Ian Preece


Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden: W. Bro. Rohan Goodall

First Appointment

Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon: W. Bro. David Mitchell

Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer: Bro. Duncan Purchase

Please support at annual investiture on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at Southampton Guildhall of which details will be published in the future.

Thu, 28th February 2019

Lodge meeting on 18th February

On the 18th February the Lodge held a second degree ceremony. The candidate answered his questions superbly and with great confidence. The Almoner delivered the SE corner and the WM conducted the rest of the ceremony and delivered a wonderful rendition of the Tracing Board.

Thu, 28th February 2019

Date for the diary - 30th June 2019

On Sunday 30th June the Lodge together with other Lodges in the South West Area will be hosting a family fun day at the Stable Home Family Trust near Ringwood.

2019 June 30th Event.JPG

Sun, 24th February 2019

1717 Team Visit 40 Steps Southampton

On Friday 15th March 2019 the 1717 Demonstration Team will be visiting Lodge of Chivalry at 40 Steps Southampton.

This is a chance to see this instructive, and amusing demonstration of an Initiation as it would have been conducted in 1717.

If you have not seen this it is a must see.