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Mon, 18th March 2019

Third Degree Ceremony report

The Lodge held a third degree ceremony. The candidate answered his questions accurately and with confidence. The DC presented a beautiful explanation of the Traditional History with the WM conducting the rest of the ceremony. The IPM came into his own when the WM stumbled upon his last two words in the ceremony, the situation was rescued by the IPM when he uttered the words 'the lodge'. At the Festive Board the Brethren enjoyed a wondeful roast beef dinner. The ability of the WM to win any prize in the raffle was marred by the fact that one of the Stewards put the counterfoil of his tickets in the draw barrell.

Fri, 15th March 2019

1717 Entertain Lodge of Chivalry at 40 Steps

Tue, 5th March 2019

Game On!!

Bullseye image.png

One of our Lodge members, who is the VO at Highcliffe Lodge, has thrown down a challenge to them on behalf of The Elizabethan Lodge. We initially thought it was a DANCE competition which we were confident of winning as our JW and his wife strutted their stuff to 'Brown Sugar' at our Ladies Night last year.............. We were then correctly advised that it was a DARTS competition......... what this space!!.

Sat, 2nd March 2019

2019 Provincial Honorurs

Role of Honour of Members receiving Appointments of Promotion at the AGM in July


Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies: W.Bro Ian Preece


Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden: W. Bro. Rohan Goodall

First Appointment

Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon: W. Bro. David Mitchell

Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer: Bro. Duncan Purchase

Please support at annual investiture on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at Southampton Guildhall of which details will be published in the future.

Thu, 28th February 2019

Lodge meeting on 18th February

On the 18th February the Lodge held a second degree ceremony. The candidate answered his questions superbly and with great confidence. The Almoner delivered the SE corner and the WM conducted the rest of the ceremony and delivered a wonderful rendition of the Tracing Board.

Thu, 28th February 2019

Date for the diary - 30th June 2019

On Sunday 30th June the Lodge together with other Lodges in the South West Area will be hosting a family fun day at the Stable Home Family Trust near Ringwood.

2019 June 30th Event.JPG

Sun, 24th February 2019

1717 Team Visit 40 Steps Southampton

On Friday 15th March 2019 the 1717 Demonstration Team will be visiting Lodge of Chivalry at 40 Steps Southampton.

This is a chance to see this instructive, and amusing demonstration of an Initiation as it would have been conducted in 1717.

If you have not seen this it is a must see.

Mon, 17th December 2018

1717 Team Cheque Presentation to PGM for Lifelites

 1717 Team Cheque Presentation

The Provincial Grand Master received a cheque for £3,192.44 for Lifelites from the Worshipful Master of The Elizabethan Lodge and Coordinator of the 1717 Demonstration Team.  This amount was donated by the generosity and guests of the following Lodges who invited the 1717 Demonstration Team to their Lodge and raise money for Lifelites.  The 1717 team thank all the Lodges detailed below, for their invite to attend their Lodges, and the brethren and guests whom raised all this money.

Brockenhurst Lodge 7040 £282.00
Octa Lodge 4397 £265.00
West Surrey Installed Masters (Surrey) 9902 £702.00
Lentune Lodge 8743 £200.00
The Portsmouth Lodge 487 £550.00
Shalden Lodge 2016 £400.00
Knightwood Lodge 7813 £238.00
Gooch Lodge (Middx) 1238 £555.44

During 2018 the 1717 team travelled to Middlesex and Surrey, and they helped Lodges celebrate their 150th and 175th anniversary, as well as just helping Lodges to attract masons to their meetings and provide an enjoyable and instructive demonstration of an Initiation circa 1717.

In total this team raised a total of £6,534.74 for Lifelites.

2018-12-17 1717 Cheque Presentation PGM.jpg

Sat, 15th December 2018

1717 Stars in Twickenham Middx

Just down the road from the home of rugby the 1717 team put in a match winning performance and delighted the watching crowd.  Despite Gooch Lodge only having a total of 16 members, with only 7 of those present they were joined by 53 visitors from all round the Province including the Deputy Provincial Grand Master to celebrate the Lodge's 150th Anniversary.  This amazing team despite taking a whole Saturday out, arriving back home early Sunday morning, were still looking forward to delighting future crowds with this unique demonstration of an Initiation Circa 1717 to raise money for good causes.

1717 Members and Provincial Team.jpg 1717 team & WM (3).jpg

Thu, 22nd November 2018

December meeting

Transparent_Santa_Claus.pngOur December meeting is now fully booked

Mon, 19th November 2018

The Vacant Chair

What a truely wonderful evening! 85 Bretheren attended the lodge to witness a unique presentation of 'The Vacant Chair' a ceremony written by The Provincial Orator to commemorate the Centenary of the ending of the First World War.

We also witnessed a 60 year certificate being presented to our lodge Mentor by the Asst Provincial Grand Master supported by The Provincal Grand Master who surprised us all with one of his, now famed, Ninja visits.

One of our members, who is a well respected local historian, gave a wonderful and emotional talk on what it was like to be a soldier on the front line in WW1 complete with kit, uniform, rifle and a WW1 shell.

2018 1911 Attendees.JPG

2018 1911 PGM-WM-MP.JPG

The Worshipmaster, Provincal Grand Master, Mentor [who received his 60th Year Certificate] and his twin Brother

Wed, 3rd October 2018

1717 Team Entertain in Totton

1717 Team Visit Knightwood Lodge 7813

Knightwood Lodge now has joined in the ever growing numbers of Lodges that have benefited from the experience of receiving the 1717 Demonstration at the same time as raising lots of money for Lifelites.

The 1717 put in a magnificent display from start to finish, and demonstrated that this group of extremely dedicated and hard working masons can still produce a sensational evening.

In the temple they entertained and gave all present some laughs as well as furthering the masonic education of those gathered.  At the festive board they demonstrated a rarely seen 1717 version of the 'Chain'.

Most important more money was raised for Lifelites.

Sat, 29th September 2018

Christmas White Table Event - Monday 17th December 2018

Transparent_Santa_Claus.pngIt is only 78 sleeps to one of the most popular events in our Lodge Calendar - our Christmas white table. When we invite the Lodge widows to join the Lodge members and their guests to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Dinner followed by spectacular entertainment.

The cost is £21.00 per head and the Asst Secretretary is now taking bookings. 

Tue, 25th September 2018

Special November Meeting

On Monday 19th November we are having a very special meeting.

We are hosting a Service of Rememberance to commemerate the centenary of the end of The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1918.

On the same evening we are also celebrating the 60th Masonic Birthday of our Lodge Mentor.

If you would like to attend please make contact with our Lodge Secretary.

2018 Nov poster.JPG